How to Complete Your Life Insurance Application

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download (3)Completing a life insurance application the right way can be a lot of work. Sometimes, the application itself can be several pages or more, and most life insurance companies require other forms and documentation in addition to that. Applying for life insurance may even require a visit to your doctor!

With all these different pieces and parts, it can feel like you’ll never finish your life insurance application. However, the process is not as daunting as it sounds. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your application gets finished and presents you in the best possible light to your life insurance company.

Make a Plan

Before you start the application process for insurance, go through your application and write down everything you need. This will include the application itself, any documentation you need from your doctor or other medical provider, and any information that you will need to look up in order to complete the application.

Next, fill out as much of the application as you can. Be sure to highlight the parts you are unable to complete so you can find them again easily when you come back with the information.

Make any necessary appointments as early as possible in the process, so you don’t have to wait on that to complete you life insurance application packet. If you need photocopies of medical

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Tips on Finding the Best Coverage

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Health-Insurance-Finding-The-Best-CoverageTerm insurance is a great way to make sure your family will be provided for without having to pay high premiums. The way its works is, you get a quote online or through your local term life insurance company, then you buy a certain dollar amount of insurance for a “term” of time (like 10 or 20 years) for a certain monthly, quarterly, or yearly premium. Here are some tips to help you find the best rates.

Get a guaranteed renewable policy. For example, lets say you buy a 10 year insurance policy. After those 10 years are up you will want to make sure that you can renew the policy for as long as you can, no matter your health.

Make sure you get a fixed premium policy. Almost all term insurance premiums are fixed, but some companies offer a fixed premium the first few years and then they increase it. If the premium seems a lot lower than other companies, ask them if the premium is fixed for the life of the term.

Be sure to shop around. You can find term life plans everywhere, from mail order companies to TV ads. Prices and terms can vary dramatically. Try to find a company that will give you a quote before they have to meet with you. You can also get quotes online and be able to compare rates until

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Buying Life Insurance Tips and Guide

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Life-InsuranceFinding and buying the right life insurance for your needs is sometimes difficult. Whether it is term life or whole life insurance you may still need to learn the key factors and elements of insuring yourself. You may also need to do a search of the most reliable life insurance companies that can meet and offer your needs. And doing all this requires some basic knowledge and understanding. Thus tips and guide will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Knowing What Your Needs Are: First is you have to determine what the type of insuring yourself is and how do you need. Here you have to search and or go online and use those online calculators to know a ball park figure on the projected rates and premiums for certain coverage. Determine what suits your needs and well as your budget. You may like to do simple calculations of how much your loves need until his or her retirement or when your siblings will finished university. Then decide which type of insurance suits your needs.

Do Not Wait Too Long To Get Insured: As people aged health issues starts to prop up and it will be very difficult and more expensive to get insured. Your premiums will not only be too expensive but it is harder to find a life insurance companies that are willing to insure

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How To Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

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1) First you should determine your current and future cash needs and financial condition. It is recommended that you consult a financial advisor or lawyer.

*Tip: If you are considering letting a life policy lapse because of future premium payments, it is good idea to get a quote. You may be surprised at the hidden value of the policy.

2) Contact the insurance company or financial advisor who issued/sold your life policy to determine if you can cash out(surrender) or if the policy has a accelerated death benefit and what penalties(if any) are involved. Depending on the type of policy and contract, it may be possible to surrender the policy for a net cash surrender value or use the accelerated death benefit option directly with the insurance company. This option may give you more money than selling the policy.

If you would like to get competitive quotes before you surrender your policy, you should obtain all the contract details and confirm the life policy can be sold, assigned, transferred to a new buyer. You will need this information to give to the potential buyer.

3) Search for a buyer of life insurance policies or life settlements. It is very important to feel comfortable with potential a buyer. Please see “Due Diligence” for tips on selecting a buyer.

There are a number of ways to find a potential buyer:

-talk to your financial advisor or lawyer,

-search the Internet,

-talk to

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Tips to Locate a Lost or Missing Life Insurance Policy

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When a loved one dies, one of the first things that must be done in this painful time is to access their insurance policy. However, policyholders many times fail to mention that policy even exists. Or if they do, they often neglect to mention where policy documents can be found.

Would you know how to go about finding a missing life insurance policy?

You may not think too much about this, but for far too many people this is an all-too-common occurrence. They lose a loved one and may know that he or she carried a policy but they can’t find it and have no idea about which Insurance Company wrote it.

It would be easy to locate or replace a lost policy if the company that issued it, the broker that sold it, or the employer, association or other group that provided it were known. But unfortunately, as stated above, that’s often not the case. There are many companies and services that offer to help locate policies. But before you go down that road there are some things that you can try yourself.

Tips to locate Lost Life Insurance Policy:

1. One of the simplest ways to start searching is to explore the bank deposits, files, and other confidential documents to see if you can find any information concerning the lost policy.
2. Another way is to look through your loved one’s address book to see if an insurance company or broker

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How to Purchase Life Insurance Online and Be Safe

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The one benefit to purchasing life insurance online is seeing how much it will cost you upfront. To purchase life insurance online, you will need to get a financial calculator, have Internet access and a computer. There are several sites online that have life insurance. Fill out the questions with full honesty, add your originals documents. If you have any doubts about any health concerns, be as pessimist as possible for the quote.

Always choose a quality Insurance company that is affordable and that appeals to you more. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a company online such as Performance and Intiregity, Financial strength, Experience in industry and many others. Be sure that the company has a rating of A or A plus or A plus plus by A.M Best, the country’s most recognized insurance company rating organization.

Tips For Purchasing Life Insurance Online!

Here are some tips for purchasing insurance online.

There are many websites that have online calculators to help you determine how much life insurance that you will need. A good health history will help you get lower rates.

Use of Tobacco and Alcohol or such kind of things will increase your rates, but if you can quit, you can appeal to the company in a few years to lower your rate.

Be sure to send in a written request to the insurance company to send your doctor a copy of your exam and lab work for

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How to Find the Best Discount Life Insurance Policy

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Finding a discount term life insurance policy is of utmost importance for many Americans. While life insurance is certainly necessary for many who want to do the responsible thing and take care of their loved ones if they should pass away – who wants to pay more for life insurance coverage than is necessary? Many are interested in one of the cheapest forms of life insurance coverage available: discount term life insurance. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best discount life insurance policy and make sure that your family and loved ones have the protection that they need.

Life insurance is perhaps the one facet of life that most Americans take for granted, especially the younger ones. Once a person becomes old and the risk of death and illnesses becomes greater, then they agree to apply for life insurance. It is important to know that this contract between you and a company to protect your family in case of an unexpected loss is a must at any age. Although it is known that a middle age person of about 30-40 years old is overwhelmed about having a family and having to pay for automobile, homeowners and health insurance; it is important for them to understand that death can hit you at any time and term life insurance can be the least expensive of their troubles. When I say the least expensive I mean that in comparison to the other insurance services, life insurance

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Tips to Become a Successful Life Insurance Agent

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Life insurance is one of the highest profitable industries in existence. This is a worthwhile source of income for many successful insurance agents worldwide. But if you ought to belong to the elite circle then there’s a lot of hard work to do. Because insurance involves health and death, you may have a thorny time selling your products to any of your prospect clients. Undeniably, it’s quite tough to persuade people to face their dooming fatality. If you want to a career on life insurance industry, here are some helpful tips to consider:

Understanding The Job Description

Your primary role is to sell insurance policies to the general public. These policies are provided by insurance companies. You can either work as a captive agent working for a single policy provider or as a non-captive agent working for different companies and sell variety of their policies. Either way, you have to invest ample time to recognize marketing strategies that will be helpful to your career. Industrious insurance agents can earn as much as $100,000 in their first year of sales. Usually, you can receive a commission ranging from 30-90% of the premium made by your client in the first year. In the consequent years, you can receive 3-10% of the annual premium.

Job Qualifications

Primarily, your ability to sell counts the most to be successful in the industry. Although college certification is not obligatory, many companies would rather prefer their agents to obtain post-secondary education.

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Tips About Getting Affordable Life Insurance

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People are always looking for affordable life insurance which they can easily pay for. The policy should pay for all their expenses and sometimes it’s not easy to find one. You get a policy that you can afford depending on your income because it may be too expensive for another. This has made most people remain without insurance coverage which is not good for any one.

Here are some steps to help you understand terms used in insurance policies and enable you to purchase affordable life insurance cover to protect you:

There are many insurance plans for you to choose from and you must understand each of them for you to know which will suit you best. People require different life insurance policies and what suits one person may not be good for another. This will ensure that you get the best and keep yourself protected throughout your life.

The life insurance that you decide to buy makes sure that it is adjustable. This ensures that you can adjust and also change term, premiums and other benefits. This is the best way you can get life assurance which you can still maintain even if you lose your job. Flexibility is the best thing to help you get affordable life policy.

You must also consider the risk on your policy and this determines what you pay as premium. This is important when you are looking for affordable insurance cover; a very high premium may not

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5 Tips When It Comes to Getting Life Insurance

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The thought of getting life insurance these days is not something anybody wants or likes to think about. A lot of people might think it is something too hard to understand and why would anybody want to bother with learning about life insurance, let alone an industry that is too complicated. The thing is life insurance is easy to obtain and easy to learn about. In fact, I have written down 5 tips that you can use when it comes to getting insurance for yourself or your family.

1. Honest Company. Insurance companies are not all alike. Sadly, there are insurance companies who are looking to take a client for all they are worth. In order to not be ‘scammed’, it is a potential client to check into any company first. There are several ways to see if a company is reputable. Customers can first go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see if the insurance company is registered with them and then contact the Department of Insurance.

2. Choosing the right policy. With the different policies and contracts to look at and learn about, it is a good idea if you can find someone to help you decipher to difference between the two of them. All policies are not the same and serve purposes for each individual differently too.

3. Standard and Whole Policy Coverage. With someone is young or in good health, they are more likely to purchase a standard policy coverage

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Affordable Life Insurance For Everybody

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In daily life we see the swift improvement in technology, greater population, more competition and people are more concerned about their children’s education. The whole world has not only seen remarkable increment in incomes in all walks of life, but also increased precariousness in the future.

Due to this changing environment, the insurance industry has realized that different categories of people require different policies, and they must foresee the purchasers’ buying power. So they have designed many new policies for the customers, such as whole life, the most basic term life and universal policy for the customers. And so their products are getting wider from time to time, and they hoped to provide customers for what they need.

Most policies are designed to be affordable for the buyers, why say affordable? Because nowadays there are people not only buying life insurance for themselves but also family package policies for the family. People want security for their family and to provide them with protection. But there are many other commitments in life, such as car, house, educational fees and many more. After paying all the necessities we don’t have much money left. The insurance industry has foreseen the market needs and designed many affordable policies to suit different categories of people – such as a term life policy with no cash value that provides the buyer with coverage with a very low premium, or the whole life insurance with cash value that is payable to the beneficiary

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Tips to Ensure Substantial Savings on Life Insurance

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Individuals can save a substantial amount of money on Life Insurance policies. The right type of policy procured at the right price and other intelligent ways of reducing premium payments can ensure savings.

Reducing expenses and increasing savings is the quickest way to improve finances. This article compiles various money saving tips. Using the tips provided in this article, policy buyers can also ensure savings on life insurance.

  • Tip one: It is recommended never to use credit cards for the payment of life coverage policy. Any lapse in the full payment of the credit amount results in high interest payment. This in turn will affect the monthly budget. Jettison the credit card to avoid any temptation of spending more than you can afford to pay. And of course in such a case the first tip becomes redundant!
  • Tip Two: Another way to ensure savings on Life coverage policy is to make annual premium payments as charges are relatively high on monthly, quarterly and semi-annual premium payments. Pay less by paying once every year. If an option of semi annual payment on car insurance is available, then it is best to avail of such an opportunity. Semi-annual payments cost less than quarterly payment of premiums on car insurance.
  • Tip Three: Various tips available online can help individuals save their hard earned money. Several financial schemes available in the US provide guaranteed returns, high interest rates, tax savings and many more benefits.
  • Tip Four: Being

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Tips to Clear Medical Examination

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Life insurance has become the most common thing that every human has or is interested to know about. The market today is flooded with so many options which a user can choose from, it is intimidating to decide. In the process of growing up, some part of you has been constantly worrying about the future.

When you are single you have no dependents and party all your savings and have a fun life. Once you start your family things are different you have many responsibilities on you. However overwhelming the choice may see it is in the best interest that the choice is made for the better future of the family. Every family has its own needs and prerequisites that are to be met.

Life insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and the policy holder for a set amount which he agrees to pay as premium and this later will be given to his loved ones when he is no longer there. life insurance premium is directly related to the life expectancy of the individual, it is obligatory by many companies to appear for a medical examination prior to obtaining the coverage.

No two humans are the same, if you always had sound health and no chronic history hereditarily then a general check up is all that you will need. However if you have history of illness and have a habit of smoking then the process is stringent. This process is entirely age

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Life Insurance Tips on Comparing Policies

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If you ask a person what the most valuable thing on this planet is, the answer comes quickly and easily: life. And it is true. As such, while we can protect ourselves from minor diseases like colds and the flu by regularly taking our Vitamin Cs, one cannot avoid the risk of getting a long-term disease. While hopefully this doesn’t happen, it is always useful to get a life insurance policy at hand. For the residents of Pennsylvania, there are plenty of great Pennsylvania life insurance rates to choose from – you just have to do your part in finding them.

Pennsylvania life insurance rates vary from county to county, and so it is always useful to go local, also so that you won’t have to drive very far just to get to your insurance company. The best Pennsylvania life insurance rates are those that are well-researched and well-documented. This is not, and should never be, an impulse investment, as this will literally affect your life should that time come.

To get the best Pennsylvania life insurance rates for you and your dependents, you have to be well-versed in the basics of life insurance policies. The one thing that you will need to establish prior to going to the insurance companies is what types of coverage you will actually need, as this will determine what Pennsylvania life insurance rates you will be quoted with.

First, we have what is called a Term Policy,

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Selecting Senior Life Insurance Tips

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As a responsible person, one thing you need to do is get senior life insurance without any delay. This ensures that you save your loved ones from financial troubles when you have passed on. It is a misconception that only wealthy seniors need to get life insurance. Anybody who has assets, or wishes to provide financial assistance to loved ones even after death, should get the right insurance policy. It will also help provide for funeral or medical expenses so that family members do not have to dig into their resources.

Selecting a senior life insurance policy can indeed be quite a troublesome and time consuming exercise but this is something that definitely needs to be done. The following tips will help you make the right choice:

1. Is the company a reliable one? This is indeed a very important factor to be considered. If the company is not a reliable one then your heirs might realize that there is a lot in the fine print of the policy that can be used to deny them money. While it is best to select a reputed company, you should also go through the details of the policy yourself (or get someone to do it on your behalf).

2. Are the premiums affordable? Premiums generally increase with age and this is something that you will have to accept. In fact, some insurance providers do not even offer coverage to people if they are beyond a certain age.

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Life Insurance Tips For Smokers

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When it comes to life insurance and cigarette smoking, there is no one carrier or type of coverage that one can predict as being the best value. Though rates for smokers are always higher than non-smokers, the difference increases dramatically as one grows older. Age and gender also affects which carrier is the best value.

What should you disclose about your smoking habits? The short answer is always be truthful because it is in your best interests to do so. Two drugs that insurance companies always test for are nicotine and cocaine. These are very sophisticated tests and can tell the difference between current use and second hand smoke.

Remember that there is generally a two year contestability clause in each policy that concerns fraud in the application. Will any company give non-smoker rates to smokers? Some carriers will give you an inducement to stop smoking by allowing premiums at a “standard” non-smoker rate for three years. This is only on permanent policies. If you have stopped during that time, you may continue with the lower premium,otherwise the rate will increase to smoker rates.

Not all insurance companies consider cigar or pipe smokers to automatically fall into a smokers category, and the differences can be dramatic. This also applies to people using a nicotine patch to assist them in quitting smoking. Most insurance companies will allow a non-smoker rating after one year of no nicotine use, and the rating can improve with time.


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A Few Very Important Life Insurance Tips

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Getting life insurance for the elderly is no longer a huge fight resulting in sky high premiums or no coverage at all. Today seniors can get plenty of coverage even if they are over 65, in poor health, and do not have a lot of money. You will be able to prepare for your expenses to be paid once you pass.

Improve your fitness and mental health and quit bad habits before applying for a life insurance policy. Many life insurance providers will offer you a discount based on your physical and mental health. Smoking, being overweight, having high blood pressure and suffering from depression, can all increase the cost of your policy.

Remember that endowment life policies are the policy option you might consider if you want an investment option. These policies will charge you a higher premium and put some of that money into an investment fund. You can select periods of 10, 20 or 30 years and then have that investment paid out to your beneficiaries. If life insurance with an investment twist sounds scary to you then you may simply want to stick with a whole life policy which will still build cash value over time.

If you are buying new life coverage, the best time for you to actually make the purchase is before you hit your half year older birthday mark. Insurance companies don’t use your actually age, but what they call your “age nearest”. So If you will

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How Does a Whole Life Insurance Policy Work

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If you have ever read your life insurance policy, only to have more questions than when you began, you are not alone. What does it all mean? Incontestability clause, exclusions and such, just make a person want to get to the bottom of the question… will the company pay the policy off when I die?

What is a life insurance policy anyway?

A life insurance policy is a legal contract between the person who buys the policy (called the insured) and the company that issued to policy (called the insurer). It will pay cash to a stated beneficiary when the insured dies. When a person first applies for life insurance, they are asked a series of questions to see if they qualify for the type of insurance they are applying for. Afterward, they are given a Conditional Receipt which is a temporary insurance policy while the application is in the underwriting department and waiting for results for any exams that were ordered. This receipt may be used in case of death occurs before the actual policy is delivered, so make sure your agent reviews this with you.

Once the policy is issued and the agent reviews the kind of policy issued and what’s included, he or she will explain the terms of the policy. Since a life insurance policy is a legal contract, there are some provisions or terms contained in it that you should know about. Some important ones are:

Make sure there

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How To Lower Your Rates

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A whole life insurance policy is normally an additional strain on an already tight budget. I am sure you’d love to get one that gives you enough protection at the lowest rates possible. I will give some tips that will guarantee savings…

1. Life insurance is cheapest at the lowest age group. So get yours while you’re young. A 60-year-old is more likely to die sooner than a 40-year-old. And, the more the likelihood that someone will die in a little while, the more such a person’s life insurance rates.

2. Sports like skydiving and bike racing and others make you a very high risk. Those sports come with a hefty price tag as far as life insurance is concerned. You can choose between getting lower life insurance rates and continuing with such sports.

3. Quit smoking for up to thirteen months and then reapply. This will lower your rates.

4. Quit if you’re involved in a dangerous occupation. It reduces your risk to insurers and so quitting lowers your whole life insurance rate.

Before we go to the last tip let’s make something very clear…

You need to choose a company that has built a strong reputation in life insurance. Don’t use any insurance company that has a poor rating. You can visit (online) your state’s Department of Insurance to find out an insurance company’s standing.

5. You could save several hundreds or even a few thousand dollars by just

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Cheap Term Life Insurance Tips

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You have worked hard in your career and you have created a stable life for you and your family for years to come. Now that your professional and home life are secure, you want to make sure that your family can continue to live comfortably even after you’re gone. If you have reached this stage in your life, then it is time to look into a good life insurance plan. If you haven’t looked into options already, there are a number of options you can choose from that will ensure the financial safety of your family. Below you will find some cheap term life insurance tips than can help find the right plan.

When looking online, you are going to be inundated with different plans and different insurance companies wanting your business. You might become overwhelmed by options, but there are many cheap term life insurance tips that will come in handy in your searches. The first tip you should remember is to never settle for the first quote you receive. Even if you receive an offer that seems too good to be true, you never know what the next company is offering. Don’t be too quick to jump onto a good deal until you’ve checked out at least a few companies and their prices.

There are some cheap term life insurance tips that will be more beneficial to you than others, but be sure to evaluate them all as you never know how they might

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